Standalone Treatments

All miniature treatment are designed to address an immediate already identified skin condition minus the fluff. (Recommended for a busy individual who needs a fast solution to minor skin problems).


Physical exfoliation of the skin using a special dermaplaning blade to help rid the skin of dead cells. It is usually used as a part of another facial, however can be a standalone procedure. – $65

Acne Treatment

Deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment fallowed by high frequency light and soothing masque. All products used in this facial are formulated for problem skin. – $65


Any skin will benefit from this amazing treatment in which serums are infused into the skin using oxygen that comes out with a hyperbolic pressure. – $85


Combined with an enzyme exfoliation ,this antioxidant vitamin infusion helps to transform the skin from sallow and tired looking to bright rested and refreshed. – $65


This process stimulates your skin to enable muscle toning, draining of liquids from intercellular space, and the production of new collagen and elastin. – $65 (Series of 6 for $300)

European Facial Massage

Toning massage that helps stimulate facial muscles. – $65

Facial Peels

Chemical and non-chemical peels are available, based on the skin condition and clients preference. (Recommended for epidermal remodeling as well as dermal improvement). – $50 – $250