Complete facials

All one hour facials are accompanied by a hand, foot, shoulder and neck massage.Most of the products used in facial treatments have been designed to penetrate the epidermal making their way into the dermis where all repairs and healing take place.

Regular Signature Facial

Luxurious and relaxing treatment which allows enough time to assess the skin’s condition, address some concerns, and discuss a plan for future treatments. (Recommended for first time clients or part of monthly maintenance). – $85

Organic Facial

Great solution for people who try to avoid chemically formulated products as well as women that are pregnant or nursing. – $85

Gentleman’s Choice

Deep cleansing facial which addresses congested pores & ingrown hairs. Followed by customized mask treatment, massage, & hydration. (Recommended for any men who are active in sports or just need a good cleansing and R&R). – $85

Oxygen Plus Facial

An hour and a half treatment that combines the regular signature facial with the rehydrating and replenishing oxygen treatment. Any skin will benefit from this amazing treatment in which serums are infused into the skin using oxygen that comes out with a hyperbaric pressure. – $145

Just For You – Individually Priced

Customized treatment designed especially for you. Can be a combination of 2 to 3 different stand-alone treatments and may include take home products.

Facial Add-ons

  • Acne Treatment $20
  • Oxygen $60
  • Dermaplaning $40
  • Vit-C $40
  • Electoportation $35
  • European Facial Toning Massage $20