About Me

About Skincare by Lana

Lana Pinsky has been working in esthetics since graduating in 1987. Licensed in Arizona and California, Lana continues to pursue her passion for beauty and skincare, constantly expanding her knowledge of the latest treatments, as well as furthering her understanding of the formulation of products.

Lana comes from a long line of skin care specialists — both her mother and grandmother were estheticians in the former Soviet Union. Becoming an esthetician was almost inevitable. Since the time Lana’s mother and grandmother prepared home-made organic skincare remedies, the formulation of beauty products has significantly changed and evolved. Today, there are many products on the market and the trick is determining the most effective line of products to suit individual skin care needs.

Lana’s experience and knowledge of esthetics enables her to choose the best products with the best ingredients for her clients.