Traveling the world and visiting several famous spas I was able to acquire a taste for high quality

pampering. When I met Lana and received one of my first treatments from her I realized that my past spa

experiences were simply a mere replicas of a real thing. She was able to properly diagnose my skin, pick

just the right treatment as well as advise me on home regiment that made a world of difference for my skin.

and improved my overall appearance.
My sincerest thanks

Forever client Violet Zilman

I had a hard time coming in for a facial. Most guys like me think a salon is a women’s only place. NOT

TRUE. My first ever facial proved to be a great experience. Lana not only gave me a facial but explained

to me how to keep the ingrown hairs caused by shaving under control. Thanks to my girlfriend, Gail for

getting me a gift certificate and Lana for making me feel so comfortable. I am now a “metro-sexual” and

proud of it!

Eric Thomson

My teenage son was struggling with acne. We tried everything under the sun and spent tons of money on

products and services. Nothing was working. I refused to put him on Accutain (as per his doctors advise)

for the fear of side effects. My friend Lynn highly recommended Lana. With lots of skepticism and a little

hope we made it to the appointment. It took several month and a lot of patience but his skin never looked

this good. My son has his confidence is back and Lana was able to teach him to take care of his skin.

Very grateful

Nancy Peters

Getting waxed every month used to be quite an ordeal until I came to see Lana. The combination of

her great wax for sensitive skin and her speed waxing technique made my experience quick and nearly

painless. I have been getting Brazilian waxes for years but never did it take five minutes, until I met Lana.

Awesome job



I am a body builder and I used to shave for competitions but since I discovered waxing with Lana I

converted . She takes one hour to wax me from head to toe. Her wax is fantastic!!!!! NO SHAVING FOR


Thank You, Lana


That girl is a queen of Brazilian bikini waxing! Quick and easy. In and out in minutes. Love it!

Faithful client Tiffany.

Best Dermaplanning treatment I ever had. My skin felt great for days after. Each time Lana uses different

infusions to enhance the treatment. Lana’s treatments are completely unique and personalized, this makes a

huge difference.

Barb Green

Experience speaks for itself . Great job, high quality products and professional approach. I highly

recommend Lana for both eyebrow design and facial treatments.

Pam White

Lana makes my eyelash tint stay dark for 4-6 weeks! No one has been able to do that before!

Thanks Cindy Powel