Microblading treatment is a specialized process that involves implanting pigment into your skin’s superficial layers to resemble eyebrow hair. This treatment is ideal for people who have experienced some hair loss and wish to restore the appearance of very natural-looking eyebrows.

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Many people use the search term Microblading near me when trying to find a top provider close to them. Skincare by Lana offers microblading treatments. Lana is proud to offer Microblading services to the residents of Phoenix. She also provides microblade treatments and eyebrow remodeling to Tempe, Scottsdale, Parade Valley, Arcadia, Chandler, Mesa and Gilbert. As an expert in skin care, Lana identifies exactly what your skin needs will be based on your skin type and cosmetic concerns. 

Looking for just a little more? All of our treatments can be combined into custom packages and gift certificate are available on all services.

Microblading fact

Long Lasting Results

This non-invasive process offers fantastic results. In layman terms, consider it like a permanent tattoo that gives you perfect brow look. You only need to get your eyebrows micro-bladed once every 2–3 years. The microbladed eyebrows retain their shape and size for years to come except for the need of a few touch ups. Therefore, you don’t have to rush to the salon every time you are invited to a party.

Microblading fact

Easy Solution to Regain Eyebrows

The Microblading process is perfect for people who have lost their eyebrows due to an illness or chemotherapy. These people can easily regain natural looking eyebrows in a couple of hours.

Microblading fact

Natural Looking Results

It is nearly impossible to spot a difference between a natural eyebrow and a micro-bladed one. The best Microblading makeup clinics in the industry know how to use this technique to their advantage and give customers the desired look for eyebrow.

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